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Target Audience

The PCNSA certification is intended for anyone who is seeking to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of Palo Alto Networks technologies, including the following IT professionals: system engineers, system administrators, system integrators, support specialists, as well as those clients who leverage Palo Alto Networks products.

Exam Topics

The PCNSA exam measures your abilities in deploying, configuring, and operating the Palo Alto Networks product portfolio components, understanding the unique features of the Palo Alto Networks product portfolio, as well as understanding security and networking policies utilized by PAN-OS software. All the technical skills evaluated by the certification test are grouped into six domains that have different weights in the exam content. The specific abilities included in these topics are outlined below:

  • Simply Passing Traffic (24%)

    Within this domain, the test takers should demonstrate that they are capable of defining and customizing firewall management interfaces; defining the methods to handle firewall configurations; displaying and scheduling dynamic upgrades; customizing account administration internal & external services; designing the proper security zones depending on a network diagram; defining and customizing firewall interfaces; defining stages to design and customize a virtual router depending on a scenario; defining the function of particular security rule types; defining and customizing security policy logging options, actions, match conditions; defining and applying the appropriate NAT solution depending on a scenario.

  • Traffic Visibility (20%)

    This section requires the individuals’ skills in selecting the proper application-based security policy regulations depending on a scenario; customizing application groups or application filters depending on a scenario; defining the function of application features as indicated in the App-ID database; searching the potential effect of App-ID upgrades on the current security policy regulations; finding the techniques to improve security policies; defining the features utilized to facilitate the creation of App-ID policy.

  • Deployment Optimization (4%)

    This topic covers skills in determining the advantages as well as differences between BPA and Heatmap reports.

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Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator Sample Questions (Q252-Q257):


Which statements is true regarding a Heatmap report?

  • A. It runs only on firewall.
  • B. When guided by authorized sales engineer, it helps determine te areas of greatest security risk.
  • C. It provides a set of questionnaires that help uncover security risk prevention gaps across all areas of network and security architecture.
  • D. It provides a percentage of adoption for each assessment area.

Answer: D


Which component is a building block in a Security policy rule?

  • A. timeout (min)
  • B. destination interface
  • C. decryption profile
  • D. application

Answer: D




Employees are shown an application block page when they try to access YouTube. Which security policy is blocking the YouTube application?

  • A. interzone-default
  • B. Deny Google
  • C. allowed-security services
  • D. intrazone-default

Answer: A


In the example security policy shown, which two websites fcked? (Choose two.)

  • A. Amazon
  • B. Facebook
  • C. LinkedIn
  • D. YouTube

Answer: B,C


Match the Cyber-Attack Lifecycle stage to its correct description.




Reconnaissance - stage where the attacker scans for network vulnerabilities and services that can be exploited.

Installation - stage where the attacker will explore methods such as a root kit to establish persistence Command and Control - stage where the attacker has access to a specific server so they can communicate and pass data to and from infected devices within a network.

Act on the Objective - stage where an attacker has motivation for attacking a network to deface web property



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