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How to study the Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center 2V0-41.20 Exam

For the Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center 2V0-41.20 Exam, VMware offers an interactive examination simulation Exam. Exam. A study query and lab behaviour are used in the simulation to Demonstrate the setting for the test. For candidates, VMware offers an online community. This, group includes useful knowledge from other candidates and seniors, which are handled by VMware certification personnel. The community can be located here

Hands-On Laboratories for VMware NSX technologies are also offered by VMware. These laboratories have an environment in which the items covered in this exam can be worked on. The labs can be accessed here

We recommend a combination of hands-on experience, completion of the training course, and self-study via the 2V0-41.20 practice exam dumps in the areas described in the Exam Outline section of this exam guide as preparation for this exam.

Hover on to VMware Website and download the Exam guide for the preparation of this exam. Check for the topics mentioned in the Exam Outline section of this guide to review the online documentation, tip sheets, and user guides and study the details relevant to those topics. Refer to the links at the end of this document for more study material.

VMware VCP-NV 2021 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Troubleshooting and Repairing-Identify the default log file locations of NSX-T Data Center components

-Compare and Contrast Tools Available for Troubleshooting

-Troubleshoot Common NSX Installation/Configuration Issues

-Troubleshoot Common NSX Component Issues

-Troubleshoot Common Connectivity Issues

-Troubleshoot Common physical infrastructure Issues
Administrative and Operational Tasks in a VMware vSphere Solution-List Operations Tasks in a VMware NSX Environment (syslog, backup/restore etc.)

- Configure roles and permissions for NSX-T Data Center environment

-Generate Log bundles

-Monitor a VMware NSX Implementation
VMware vSphere Architectures and Technologies
VMware Products and Solutions-Describe the VMware Virtual Cloud Network Vision

-Outline the solutions of NSX Portfolio

-List the use-cases for NSX Data Center

-Explain the value proposition and features of NSX

- Identify Physical and Virtual Infrastructure Requirements for NSX-T Data Center

-Describe NSX Architecture and Component sub-systems

-Differentiate the functionalities of Management Plane, Control Plane, Data Plane, and ConsumptionPlanes

-Define NSX-T Data Center Terminology

- Describe the Logical Switching Architecture and Features

-Describe the Logical Routing Architecture and Features

-Describe the NSX-T Data Center Network Services

-Explain the Edge Architecture and Features

-Explain the NSX Security Architecture and Features

-Identify the supported integration platforms of NSX-T (Containers, Public Cloud, Private Cloud,Hybrid Cloud, DevOps tools, 3rd Party etc.)
Planning and Designing

How to Prepare For Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center 2V0-41.20 Exam

Preparation Guide for Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center 2V0-41.20 Exam


VMware, Inc. is an American software corporation from California , USA that is publicly traded. It offers software and services for cloud computing and virtualization. It was one of the first companies to virtualize the x86 architecture to be commercially successful.

VMware 's desktop software runs on Microsoft Windows , Linux and macOS, while VMware ESXi, the enterprise server hypervisor software, is a bare-metal hypervisor that runs directly on server hardware without having an external operating system underlying it. VMware's software forms a digital backbone that drives the world's evolving applications , services, and experiences. VMware streamlines the path for organisations to become digital companies that provide their customers with better experiences and inspire workers to do their best job. App Modernization, Cloud, Networking & Security and Digital Workspace covers their applications.

An person can install, configure, set up, manage, and perform basic troubleshooting of software-defined networks based on VMware's NSX-T 3.0 Data Center through the Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center 2V0-41.20 exam.

This exam guide is intended to help you determine whether you are able to complete the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 - Network Virtualization Deployment (VCAP6-NV Deploy) exam successfully. This guide includes information on the certification test target audience, recommended preparation and documentation, and a full list of exam targets, all with the intention of helping you obtain a passing grade. In order to increase your chances of passing the test, Salesforce strongly recommends a mix of on-the-job experience, course attendance, and self-study.

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VMware Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center Sample Questions (Q59-Q64):


Where are Distributed Firewall logs containing access decisions stored?

  • A. NSX API
  • B. Hypervisor transport node
  • C. NSX Edge
  • D. NSX Manager

Answer: B





Which three functions require a Services Router (SR) component on an Edge node? (Choose three.)

  • A. Packet Forwarding
  • B. Gateway Firewall
  • C. Distributed Routing
  • D. Distributed Firewall
  • E. Service Insertion
  • F. Virtual Private Network

Answer: B,E,F


What are three characteristics of a transport zone? (Choose three.)

  • A. configured with a Single N-VDS
  • B. optional for creating a segment
  • C. configured with multiple N-VDS
  • D. defines the potential reach of transport nodes
  • E. defines the scope and reachability of a Segment

Answer: A,D,E


How is the intra-tier transit link connection created between SR and DR for a Tier-0 Gateway?

  • A. Automatically created when SR is initialized.
  • B. Automatically created when DR is created.
  • C. Manually create external uplink interface and mark it as transit.
  • D. Manually create a gateway interface and mark it as transit.

Answer: A


Reference: https://blogs.vmware.com/networkvirtualization/2018/01/nsx-t-routing-part-2.html/


Which three different transport nodes could be configured in the data plane? (Choose three.)

  • A. vShield Edge VM
  • B. NSX Edge VM on KVM
  • C. ESXi and Hyper-V
  • D. Bare Metal server
  • E. ESXi and KVM
  • F. VM or Bare Metal NSX Edge

Answer: D,E,F



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