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Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Outline the differences between aerial versus street-level routing
  • Distinguish between FSL license types and when to deploy them
Topic 2
  • Distinguish between Field Service Mobile and Salesforce Mobile app capabilities
  • Decide on the appropriate Schedule Policy to achieve the business requirements
Topic 3
  • Determine the appropriate option to execute Complex Work in FSL
  • Illustrate how to configure Work Order Milestones
Topic 4
  • Determine the appropriate dispatch strategy for an organization
  • Apply the appropriate life cycle of a Service Appointment required to execute a Work Order
Topic 5
  • Given a scenario, decide the appropriate type of optimization service to use
  • Recommend the appropriate Service Territories and their Members
Topic 6
  • Understand different field service settings for FSL Administrator
  • Configure Work Order processes, parameters, and Work Types

Salesforce Certified Field Service Consultant Sample Questions (Q74-Q79):


Universal containers want to schedule delivery using field service lightning. Each delivery requires that an installation and safety inspection be performed by different technicians during the same visit. The safety inspection needs to be executed after the installation is completed How should the Consultant use complex work to meet this requirement?

  • A. Define a same start dependency
  • B. Define start after finish and same day dependencies
  • C. Define start after finish dependencies
  • D. Define same resource and start dependencies

Answer: B


universal container UC uses two contractors 1 and contractor 2 to perform repair work contractor 1 has provided service for UC for longer period time and considered to have more repair work expertise then contractor 2 How should a consultant configure the contractors experience?

  • A. Assign contractors 1 and 2 as excluded resources
  • B. Assign contractors 1 and 2 preferred source
  • C. Assign contractors 1 and 2 different skill levels for repair works
  • D. Assign contractors 1 and 2 different capacities of repair work

Answer: C


Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send an email to one million contacts in Sales Cloud. The criteria to segment contacts Include using 10+ fields to segment.

Which process should the consultant utilize to minimize issues and maximize efficiency in the sending process7

  • A. Create a report originating in Salesforce, then target and send to that report using the Marketing Cloud Email Studio Send Flow.
  • B. Query Synchronized Data Extensions using a query activity to a Salesforce Data Extension, then send via Email Studio Send Flow.
  • C. Assign the one million contacts from the report to a Salesforce campaign, and use a Single Step journey with Salesforce Campaign as an entry event.
  • D. Import a report originating In Salesforce through an import activity to a Salesforce Data Extension, then send to data extension using Email Studio email send.

Answer: B


Universal Containers (UC) wants to generate Work Orders from their Customer Service Cases. UC would like the Work Order to be linked to the Case and have the Customer Service Representative select a pre-defined template for the Work Order within the Service Console. Which two items should a Consultant recommend in order to achieve this? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use Work Types to achieve pre-defined templates.
  • B. Add the Work Order Quick Action on the Account.
  • C. Use Record Types to achieve pre-defined templates.
  • D. Add the Work Order Quick Action on the Case.

Answer: A,D


Universal Containers (UC) wants to track all customer work requests. UC has no requirement to track where the work originated from, but does need the requests tied to the customer's account. What should a Consultant recommend to track these work requests?

  • A. Cases, Work Orders, and Tasks
  • B. Cases Only
  • C. Work Orders and Cases
  • D. Work Orders only

Answer: C



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